This is the 1880 census for the state of Tennessee for Cope families.It will also have individuals with the Cope surname that are living with families headed by a non-Cope surname.Also listed are ages,county residence, and location on the census records(enumeration district-page #-line #).All places of birth are in Tennessee unless otherwise indicated in brackets.An "*" before the name indicated African-American.

 A.B. Cope (28),Luan (27),William (7),Luverna (5),Hannah E (2),Barton B (9/12)
 A.T. Cope (33),Cleopatry (34),Maggie (11),Abner (9),Manda (5),Sally (2),Lilly (5/12)
Warren (137-17-50)
 A.W. Cope (33),N.J. (34),S.J. (f,13),E.D.E. (f,10),J.T. (8),W.W. (6)
Hawkins (84-13-9)
 Alfred Cope (48),Nancy (46),Soloman (18),Lucinda (13),Mahala (9),
   Robert (7),Jesse (4)
Hawkins (84-28-50)
 Alice Cope (10)
   Enumerated with John Berry (grandfather)
Hawkins (88-25-10)
 Alzey Cope (52),Elizabeth (dau.,29),Eliza J. (g.d.,7)
Hawkins (84-8-46)
 Andrew Cope (31),Nancy (32,VA),Madina (9)
 Anderson Cope (34),Emeline (32),Mary (11),Cordelia (9),Dora (6),
   John M. (4),William F. (1)
Sumner (219-16-17)
 Andrew J Cope (41),Nancy (36),Callie (5,IL)
DeKalb (32-13-81)
 Antony Cope (5)
  Enumerated with Soloman Lowery(grandfather)
White (142-4-2)
 B. F. Cope (8)
  Enumerated with H. G. Farris(grandfather)
Hawkins (84-22-25)
 Calaway Cope (37),Mary (30),Eliza (13),Laura (11),Nancy (8),Cordela (2)
Overton (90-24-50)
 Calvin Cope (72),S. (43),Jno (13),Lewis (12),P.E. (7),Calvin (1)
McMinn (68-8-35)
 David A Cope (26),Texie (26),Daisy (6),Nancy (4),Joseph (2)
Hawkins (85-20-4)
 Davis W Cope (40),Susanna (35),John H (18),William G (15),Priscella (13),
    Jessie (11),Elizabeth (9),Francis (7),Nancy J (5),Gale (4),Mary M (3),Susanna H (6/12)
Hawkins (84-11-24)
 Dorcas Cope (65),Lucy (33),Josephine (9)
Warren (133-11-33)
 *E.S. Cope (63),Mary (53),Lou Anne (16),Samuel (15),Jennette (6)
Hancock (88-9-28)
 G. B. Cope (28),Nancy (19),Lucinda (1)
White (143-22-43)
 George Cope (22),Susan (20),Ida (2),Melvina (1)
White (143-20-5)
 George Cope (37),Elizabeth (26),Enoch (9),Henry (7),Jessie (4),Alice (2)
White (143-20-2)
 Green E. Cope (29),Rilla (20),Blucher (1)
Marion (76-19-19)
 Harris Cope (29),Nancy (29),Mary (5),Etta (2/12)
White (143-10-42)
 Harrison Cope (39),Avena (33),Francis (15),Mary (14),Sarah (12),Safrona (8),
   Louella (7),Richard (5),Maragis (3),Haskil (11/12)
Hawkins (84-17-32)
 Harvey Cope (29),Jane (25),Cordelia (10),Miller (6),Mary (4)
White (143-21-43)
 Helen Cope (45),Wiley (19),Elizabeth (17),Amanda (15),Henry (3)
White (143-22-46)
 Herd Cope (40),Elizabeth (38),Ambrose (19),Elija (15),Charles (14),
    Perry (12),Wanda (9),Frances (7),Cora (4),Taylor (1)
Warren (137-1-23)
 I. P. Cope (64),Tirscia (41),Harris (18),William (15),Wiley (4),Nancy (1),
    Julia (10/12)
Overton (90-27-7)
 J. C. Cope (29),N. (26),M. B. (5),Jno. (4),J. L. (2)
Warren (135-19-33)
 Jas. Cope (40),Elizabeth (38),Jesse H. (9),Jno. (6),Bula (4),Jas. R. (7/12)
White (143-19-5)
 James Cope (33),Lucinda (23),Freeland (2)
DeKalb (29-13-18)
 James B. Cope (23),Samantha (19),Adrian (1)
White (143-23-13)
 James M. Cope (42),Nancy (36),William (14),Nancy (9),Robert (5),
    James P. (4),Arena (2),Amanda (8/12)
Hancock (88-9-4)
 James W. Cope (50),Eliza (38),Mary (18),Matilda (16),William (14),
    Lydia (12)Laura (9),Lucinda (5),James (1)
White (143-22-36)
 Jane Cope (49),John W. (20),Amanda (16),Sidney (13),Wade H. (9)
Cannon (24-31-48)
 Jasper Cope (52),Sarah (40),Gilbert (19),Benjamin (16),Cyrenia (12),
   Laura (8),Venus (5),Claudius (3),Emma (7/12)
Hawkins (84-1-8)
 Jesse Cope (26),Ellan (22),Levinia (4),Geneva (1)
White (143-2-47)
 Jesse Cope (31),Louisa (34),Harrison (8),Mary Lou (6),Orba (4)
Marion (76-14-37)
 John Cope (52),Luizza (37),James (15),Sallie (12),Bula (8),Robert (5),
    Joseph (1)
Warren (134-6-1)
 Joline Cope (46),Frances (36),Sally (11),Lucy (9),Nettie (8),Mary (6),
   H.B. (70),Sally (70)
Lawrence (109-22-6)
 John Cope (30),Annie (27),Mary (8),Martha (6),Franklin (4)
White (143-10-8)
 John W. Cope (31),Florence (25),Flora (5),Stella (3)
Hawkins (75-31-43)
 Joseph Cope (24),Winnie (27),Martha (5),William (3),Elijah (1)
White (143-13-32)
 Larkin Cope (34),Josephine (22),Calloway (10),Mason (9),John (7),
    Minny (5)
Grundy (41-20-9)
 Lewis B. Cope (26),M. A. (20),Gertrude (1)
Hawkins (84-12-43)
 Madison Cope (62),Eliza J. (52),George H. (22),Cornelia (21),
    S. Lulu (18)
White (143-21-29)
 Mahulda Cope (f,30),Barthena (15),Anderson (12),Larsena (9),
    Robert L. (6),Charles (5),Francis M (3),Davis L. (2),Nancy (5/12)
Overton (93-19-16)
 Menerva B. Cope (35),John (21),Calvin (19),Sarah (16),Margaret (13),
     Porter (10),William (8),Emmett (6)
White (143-20-42)
 Monroe S. Cope (23),Sarah (24),Luther (6),Eliha (4),Magie L. (3),
     David E. (6/12)
Hancock (89-14-42)
 Pleasant Cope (31),Minerva J. (32),Jesse (6),Sarah (8/12)
Hawkins (85-18-14)
 Richard Cope (51),Susan (44),Elijah (24),John H. (23),Joseph L. (20),
   Nancy E. (17),Laura (13),Mary (10),Susan (8),Lilly (5),Isaac (2)
Hancock (89-10-37)
 Taylor Cope (30),Anise (32),Elua (10),James (7),Jessie (5),Martha (5)
Hancock (88-23-40)
 W. A. Cope (50),Mary (dau.,21),William (17),Amanda (15),William (g.s.,1)
Dyer (13-15-6)
 W. N. Cope (40,NC),Narsis (36),Cordelia (4),Dazie (2),Ira M. (6/12)
White (143-20-35)
 Wesley Cope (28),Sarah (24),Susan (7),Minie (5),Charles (3),Dora (1)
Grundy (41-20-5)
 William Cope (58),Angeline (52),Amos (20),Sylvester (10)
White (143-22-41)
 William Cope (66),Margery  (63),George (22),Susan A. (20),Ida (2)
    Melvina (1)
White (143-12-30)
 William Cope (20),Alice (21),Anna (3/12)
Hancock (88-21-15)
 William Cope (36),Amanda (26),Mary (13),John (11),Elisha (9),
    Martha (7),Celia (5),Landin (3),Hastie (5/12)
Hawkins (73-35-33)
 William Cope (55),Martha (46),Grant (22),Martha (8),Laura (3)
DeKalb (29-18-29)
 William Cope (25),Sarah (25),Green (3),Jackson (1)
White (143-21-4)
 William A. Cope (34),Minerva (30),John (10),Millie (5),Jennie (4),Rebecka (2)
Hancock (88-10-19)
 Woodson Cope (34),Rachel (42),Rirlee (12),James (10),Abijah (8),
    Nuston (4),Dorline (2)
White (143-25-32)
 Woodson T. Cope (27),Luzania (24),Harriett (7),Perry (6),Tiny (3),Frances (6/12)