"The first record of the Copes in America starts with Edward Cope who came on the ship " Griffin " in 1634 and lived in RI. he was related to Oliver who I will list later.A William and Richard Cope ( also listed as Copp in the LDS records ) came in 1635 on the ship " Blessing " to Boston,MASS.I have one generation of these men.Giles Cope ( son Giles JR spelled his name Copes ) came 1654, his brother Thomas Cope came in 1655 they went to Northampton Co VA.The descendents of these men are listed as Copes and lived in Accomac or Accomack Co VA listed 1790 census.Next a Thomas 1655 to VA ?, Thomas 1663 VA ?, John & Margery Cope 1663 VA prob. related to Thomas. Starting with Giles, these people were listed as bonded servants.

Next is a Hugh Cope ( sent to America for some kind of crime committed in England) came in ca 1780s ?, Next is Oliver Cope, came to Del. and PA by 1681.There is a lot of info on Oliver and his family in America.A descendent ,Gilbert Cope ( In the Genealogy Hall of Fame in Arlington,VA) did his family tree 1860.He traced his family back to 1355 England to Sir John Cope.There were 4 Knights in the cope family of Oliver and at least 2 Coat of Arms.18 Copes of England are listed as Baronets and there are 2 Cope castles built 1600s.The Copes' were listed as the largest land owners in the 1600s England.They married into at least 2 kings of Eng. families John " Lackland " king of Eng d) 1216 and Edward 1 st d) 1307.A William Cope ( grt grd-son of Sir John 1355 ) was awarded his Coat of Arms at the battle of Bosworth Aug 1485 ( War of the Roses ).He was a Knight to Kings Richard the III and Henry the VII.There are 3 US Presidents related to Olivers family in England.Anne Hutchinson ( the Puritan per.in 1638 ) was related to the Oliver Cope family of Eng.Now back to Copes of America.A Thomas Cope came in 1684 on the ship " Patience " to PA ?.All these Copes listed in the 1600s are from England.

One last note on the Oliver Cope family I found only one Cope in Va who is related to Oliver.Joshua Cope ( grd-son of Oliver ) b) 1736 PA married Jane Brown ,ca 1759, had 10 children born in Frederick Co Va ( 1760- 1780s) but so far I have not connected to his family.Also and a possible connection is a William Cope,only brother to Oliver Cope left Pa early 1700s and was said to have gone to VA or NC.I have found several Oliver descendents in OK,TX,OH. and most of the Ohio Copes are related to Oliver.

Now back to the Copes in the 1700s starting with Richard, who came in 1720 ?,Anthony came in 1722 on the " Christabella " to ?,John 1722 to MD, Robert came 1727 on the " Rappahannock " to ?, Joost ( the first of 2 German Copes) came in 1727 on the " Adventure " to PA,William came in 1729 to Va, William 1733 to ?,James came in 1738 on the ship " Forward " to ?,John & Eleanor came 1739 to ?, Nicholas Cope (2 nd German Cope) came ca 1740s to PA and moved to NC and died ca 1785 in Rowan Co,NC.A Henry Cope of NY was listed as born in England, first record in America 1744 NY. , John came 1746 to ?, James came 1753 on the ship " Thames " to ?, John came 1766 to ?, and last was a John came in 1771 to ?."