The German COPE family

There was a Yost Cope that came to America from Germany in the early 1700's.He settled in Pennsylvania where he died,while his son migrated to Rowan Co,North Carolina.There has been extensive research on this family by Charlotte COPE MALONE.She wrote the following message to me and another descendent of her line,Cheryl Cope Bates.The message was sent 15 Oct,1997.

According to the History of Bucks County (PA), Yost Cope arrived in America on 2 Oct 1727 aboard the ship Adventurer in the port of Philadelphia. He settled first in what is now Montgomery County, PA, where 150 acres of land was surveyed to him by William Penn's commissioners by warrant dated 8 Jan 1734. He later purchased 420 acres in 1750 from Richard Craxall in Fredrick County, MD near Little Pipe Creek. Yost and his wife Dorothea had children John Nicholas Cope (my line) b. ca 1717; Catherine Cope Hentz (also Haines and Hanes) b. ?; John Adam Cope b. 2 Jul 1731; John Abraham Cope b. Aug 1734; Johann George (John) Cope (referred to as Captain John Cope) b. 12 Dec 1737; and Phillip Jacob Cope b. 1740. Other than Nicholas, these Cope men remained in Pennsylvania and their history has been pretty thoroughly researched. Most of that info is available in the Bucks County Genealogy Society's Mercer Library in PA.

Unlike the others, Nicholas relocated to NC. As for info on Nicholas or his descendants, my sisters and I are currently writing a book on this line. If anyone needs info on Nicholas's line, at this point it'd probably be best if they contacted us directly as our info is organized around the book.

1727 Pennsylvania North Carolina,Tennessee 1-Yost,2-Nicholaus,3-John,4-Fredrick,... 7-Cheryl Cope Bates
1727 Pennsylvania North Carolina,Tennessee 1-Yost,2-Nicholaus,3-John,4-Fredrick,... 7-Charlotte Cope Malone
1727 Pennsylvania North Carolina,Tennessee 1-Yost,2-Nicholaus,3-John,4-Fredrick,... 7-Sandra Moore
1727 Pennsylvania North Carolina,Tennessee 1-Yost,2-Nicholas,3-John,4-Enoch,5-Godfrey,6-Thomas Ray,7-Thomas Radford 8-Carol Cope Odell