Jacob Cope was born c1800 in North Carolina,he moved his family repeatadly,first to Tennessee, then to places in Kentucky,Texas and back to Kentucky by 1880.The information I have is from Sherrie,who sent me the following:

   Dear Mike:  I have been reading, and enjoying your Cope Family History
Page!  I am writing you in hopes you may have come across some
information on my ancestor in your research.  I am descended from Jacob
Cope.  I don't have much information on him.  He was born in North
Carolina ca 1800.  One of my aunts shows him in Iredell County, NC in
1828 at which time he was involved in a land transaction.  I do not have
a copy of this land record, or clear source documentation.  In 1829, a
daughter Jane Cope was born; birthplace listed only as NC.  In 1830 a
son, John was born, and Jacob is listed in the census for Burke County
that year.  In 1832, another son, Albert Fonzo (from whom I am
descended) was born in Burke County.  In 1836, a daughter Margaret was
born, her birth place was listed as "NC":  Also, in 1836 Jacob is listed
as a taxpayer in Hawkins County, Tennessee.  Another daughter, Sarah Ann
Cope is born in Tennessee.  Jacob is listed on the 1840 census for
Hawkins County.  Between 1841 and 1846, three add'l children are born,
all in Tennessee.  Elizabeth in 1841, George in 1843, and William H. in
1846.  By 1850, Jacob has moved again, this time to Harlan County,
Kentucky.  In 1860,  he is listed on the census for Boonesville, Owsley
County, Kentucky.  I loose track of Jacob at this point.  Family stories
state that his wife (Sarah Odom, daughter of George Odom) was killed by
the Indians while hanging out the wash.  Some family members believe
this happened in Texas; I'm not sure.  The next place I find Jacob is
1880, in Pulaski County, Kentucky.  He has remarried, and is listed with
Margaret Rollins, about 43 y/o, and a stepson, James Rollins."

I also have this, drom a message sent to me by Eugene Cope of Huntsville, Alabama:

Hi Michael.
It has been some time since we communicated with.  As you may know that I have been involved with my Jacob and John Wesley Cope family history 
research for over 58 years, yes a very long time.  The Jacob Cope Family that got its start in June 1800, in Richmond, Robeson or Rowan County 
North Carolina?  This is the only known roots that has been documented to date.  His family was supposed to have been deported from England  to 
Virginia  in the mid 1600's ?  As a Jno and a Marg or Mary Cope.  This was where I got my start, from old family bible  transcripts.  it looked great 
and was the basis for my research.  I spent many years with this line, only to find out  by the DNA project, that my family was not related to any 
of the known Cope Families from England, but was from  old Norman, France. And our Family name was Coop, Cope, Coope, or Coupe/ Coupee. which Means 
to ' Cut or Chop'.  This is where I have been working for the past 5 years.
Now for some of the major problem areas, that  I have, had to contend with. that was taken from old family bibles, notes or records, that have 
caused a lot of problems, as these stories could not be supported as facts.The first story was, that Jacob's, parents  John and Francis, moved 
their family to western North Carolina about 1810?  That they were killed by Indians, and they were burned up in a fire about 1815 in Rowan or 
Burke Co NC ?  This story has been changed from the original story by Jacob to his children about his Mom and Dad.  "  They were supposed to have 
been born in  1775 and 1780, in NC.  That they were burned up in a fire in about 1815". with no other explanation.   So the Indian Fire stood for 
many years.  It may be the grounds for the untrue story of Sarah Ann Odam being killed by Indians while she hanging out the washing?  While the 
truth was that she died in bed at home near Pulsaki Station, Pulaski County KY  on 8 Sept,1879.  She was the first member of Jacob's family to be 
buried in Etna Cemetery. This is well documented.
The other part of this story that was cleared up was the facts about  Jacob's Parents being born in 1775 and 1780 was true except that his 
father's name was a Francis Coupe, born 1775 in Normandy, France and his Mother was a Margaret Anne, Crider, 1779, in Lancaster Co PA.   
They were married in 1796,in Salisbury, Rowan Co. NC.  He was a well known printer and publisher of news papers and other papers during 
that period.  Francis Died of TB, in March 1814, in Salisbury NC.  He Cremated and his remains were buried in the Salisbury area.  His widow 
Margaret Anne Coupee, was remarried in 1817 in Salisbury.  She dies in 1820.  It is unknown if she was Cremated as well?   While this well 
documented, No DNA has been made yet.  I have most of the records relating to this document
1800 North Carolina Tennessee,Florida 1-Jacob,2-George,3-Louis... 6-Gwen Stuart
1800 North Carolina Tennessee,Kentucky 1-Jacob,.... Sherrie Hoth
1800 North Carolina nfi 1-Jacob,... Debra Jean Faust
1800 North Carolina TN, KY, TX, GA 1-Jacob,2-John W,3-John R... Eugene Cope