The Photographers
All photographs used on this site are
from the collection of Warren Wing.

  1. A. B. Wilse took photographs in the Stevens Pass / Wellington area in the early 1890's and as late as 1900. He was employed by the Great Northern Railway to make a detailed map of the line between Stevens Pass and Skykomish which was issued in 1894.

  2. The J.D. Wheeler photographs, released as postcards, seem to have been taken starting the day after the avalanche.

  3. J. A. Juleen took photographs soon after the avalanche. He may have been working for the Great Northern. His photographs were also found in the Great Northern Legal Department files.

  4. J. A. Turner photographed Wellington in the mid 1920's and documented the area while it was at the zenith of activity.

For information on the location of photographs see the section titled Historical Research Opportunities.