After The Avalanche

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In October of 1910 the GN had started construction of an all concrete snow shed at the site of the avalanche. The frame work can be seen in the foreground. On the right side the new coal tower has been constructed. The west end of the Hotel is on the left.
This is the view looking east from the top of the new concrete snow shed. The hotel is on the left and coal tower on the right. The horizontal lines on the hill in the back are old switchback lines used from 1893 to 1900. The new run-a-way track is seen going uphill to the left.
This is the new rotary and electric motor house constructed to replace the old building destroyed in the avalanche. This photo was taken in the mid-1920's. The school can be seen beyond the rotary house to the left. Notice the long snow shed running in front of the school. This was a covered sidewalk and was necessary to get around town in the winter due to snow.
Here the electric engines have been repaired and are posed at Wellington. The view is to the southeast. The old switchback lines can be seen on the hill at the back. Today US Highway #2 runs along the center switchback.
A view from the top of the concrete snow shed in the mid-1920's. From left to right: the eating and bunkhouse, then the back of the heating plant, next the Tye Depot and then the coal tower.
On July 3, 1926 a fire destroyed all the family homes near the tunnel portal. The large burned area can be seen in the foreground of this photo.
In this late 1920's view, looking south, abandoned gardens can be seen. On the left is the 100,000 gallon water tank. The first Cascade Highway can be seen on the left side of the valley.
The Tye Depot was the last building at Wellington. Here the tracks have been removed. Other buildings were burned in the early 1930's.