Catheter bag cover

Pattern from Northwest Wings of Love


14" x 32" rectangle of opaque fabric

2 - 18" pieces of some material to use as ties - or make them from fabric


1.  Fold larger piece of fabric in half length-wise.  

2.  Make a casing on each narrow end for the ties.  Do this by folding over edge twice and ironing flat.    See figure 2.

3.  Open up the folded and ironed ends, and fold the fabric right sides together  so folded ends are together.  Sew up the sides to just 1/4" under the first ironed fold.  Trim the bottom corner and iron the seams flat.  See figure 3.

4.  Fold the top casing over so that the cut ends on the sides do not show.  Sew close to the edge making the casings and making sure the ends of each one are not sewn shut.

5.  Cut two roughly 18" pieces of some sort of tie... I used satin cord for this one and have used ribbon and even bias tape for this.  Thread one piece through each casing so that two ties stick out on each side.  These will be used to tie the cover to a  wheelchair or bed rail.  See figure 4.

NOTE:  I have tied some other finishing touches that I like better than the above.  Just make the bag and hem the opening instead of making it into a drawstring top.  Then do one of the following.

  • Use 2 strips of blanket binding.  Sew on each side of the hemmed opening, folding the ends to make the binding neat.  Be sure you sew along the edge so there is plenty of room for the drawstring.  Finish the drawstring as above.  See the photos below.

  • Sew bias tape along the sides of the bags leaving extra bias tape at the top.  Cut it long enough to be a tie.  Then sew another piece of bias tape from about 1 inch from the top of the bag.  Cut the second piece to march the length the first piece.  Tie off each as above.  See photos below.

The sizes in this pattern can be somewhat flexible.  The finished width should be as close to 13" as possible, the bottom to top not much more.  How much tie you use depends on what you use.. since I used satin cord I made them longer to be sure they can be tied snugly.  You could also use some other type attachment... Velcro for example.. so long as the strip of Velcro's fabric is long enough to reach around the bed rail or wheelchair arm.

I made this up as I went along and am not an experienced seamstress, so feel free to make and suggest improvements.  Email me at .

This pattern is yours to use and republish.. but we would really appreciate if you would let people know it was from NW Wings of Love


Figure 1a

Figure 1b

Figure 1c

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Alternate finishes.

_ties2.jpg (626845 bytes)

_ties.jpg (618798 bytes)

Blanket binding style. 

Bias tape style.

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