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Register of Historic Structures in Chautauqua County, NY

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This form facilitates the entry of addresses, histories, articles, and photos into our database of historic structures in Chautauqua county. Various information about the structure are entered in the form above and then submitted; actual history and photo files are then submitted in a separate communication (email, cd, thumb drive, etc.). Each history or photo name should be unique enough to distinguish it from all other files in our database specific to a township, i.e., file names in different townships need not be unique.

When entering a new structure, the structure ID must be blank. Data about the structure are entered in the text boxes. In the photo box, multiple photo names may be entered separated by commas; and sequentially numbered photos may be entered via the syntax 'name#.jpg?m:n', where m:n specifies a range of indices. If the location is known only approximately, check the box. If the structure is of the greek-revival style, check that check box. Further-reading article IDs may be entered in its box with multiple entries separated by commas. Do not include comments in file names. Enter other fields if you know them and leave the others blank. No need to enter an email address. Click on the 'Look up city ...' button to look up the city and zip code once the street address and township are entered. It may not always work.

To modify the record of an existing structure, enter its structure ID and enter values in the fields that are modified or added. When a new history file is to be provided, its file name need not be entered if its name is the same as the current file name (if it is the same it overwrites the old file). But submitting the ID of the structure is necessary to flag the structure for update. New photo(s) will be added to the structure's list. Similarly, further-reading IDs will be added to its list. See the further-reading list for article ID numbers.

Adding a new further-reading article is a step separate from linking an article to a structure. In the former, the new-article boxes are filled in by the submitter, after which the article is entered into the articles table and given an article ID. In the latter step, an article ID is entered into the further-reading box to attach it to a structure. The articles-list page, is generated when web pages are generated. A new article may be submitted along with a structure submission or edit, but no connection between them is made at that time. Article file names should have extension .html.