Chapter 0
Whetting the iron flat side.
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Whetting the iron on the flat side removes any burrs from whetting the ground side. Keep the iron flat on the stone, check the stone to be sure that the surface is flat or try to find a flat spot on the stone. Repeat this ground bevel to flat until the edge is sharp. Next hold the iron as in the image of whetting the ground bevel, raise it a little higher and rub in the direction of the arrow, feel with your thumb for a slight burr on the flat side. Remove this burr by whetting the flat side. Do three raisings of the burr using medium pressure for the first burr, less pressure for the second burr,very light pressure for the last burr. For the first medium raising of the burr use three strokes, second two strokes,final one stroke. On the flat after each raising three strokes, two,one and done. Now you are ready to strop.