Chapter 0
Pole saw blades.
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Pole saw blades are commonly used as cut off saws on green wood, hence the name pole saw. One is cutting long poles of green wood. Making stove wood or chord wood is the main use of this type of saw. These blades are in the range of two feet in diameter and have teeth set alternately a wide set is used causing a wide kerf to avoid hard cutting in green wood. The blade first must be jointed to get the blade round, this can be done by locking the movable saw table and with the saw running lightly touch the saw teeth with an old whet stone or a brick moving the stone laterally side ways. The reason for the lateral movement is to avoid creating a groove in the stone, which will not work. Once the blade is round one can sharpen on the saw buck or make a saw clamp as in the image for sharpening indoors. File the teeth, following the prior shape, if the gullets need more depth do with a round file. File the tops of the teeth from one side keeping the angles uniform. Chalk the file to avoid clogging of the file teeth. Once both sides are filed you are ready to set the teeth. Set the teeth on an iron block or anvil edge with a rounded edge using a hammer. Set the tip of the tooth about the top third or quarter.