Chapter 0
Setting circle saw blades.
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Setting circle saw blades is easily done, many old jointers would file a bevel on the corner of their table saw for use in setting saw teeth. I followed suit and have used this method for 50 years. Fine tooth blades require a small block of iron or steel with a very slight bevel. Hammer lightly until you get the right amount of force in your hammer blows. The rule is as it with many things in life, DO IT,NOT TOO MUCH, NOT TO LITTLE BUT JUST RIGHT. When you want a very smooth cut lay the blade on the workbench and gently run a whetstone around the perimeter of the set. In this age of carbide blades it is good to know how to maintain saw blades this knowledge gives you the ability to change the width of the saw kerf for cutting slots of specific widths. A little paraffin wax put on the teeth helps cutting hard materials also good for band and scroll saws. When you know how to sharpen blades you can find old blades and restore them at little or no cost.