Chapter 0
Turning the burr.
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Turning the burr. Old time cabinet makers and wood workers turned the burr holding the scraper flat on the bench top. When the burr needed renewing the scraper burr was knocked down with the burnisher and renewed using three strokes to renew each edge. The masters I learned under would take me to task if I used more than one stroke to knock down the edge and three strokes to renew each edge it was also considered waste of pencils to make more than one pencil mark. Precision marks were made with a knife. It will be easier for the beginner to put the scraper in the vise and burnish as in the image. Rub the burnisher on the back of your ear lobe or along side of your nose to pick up a li ttle grease to lubricate the burnisher. NO OIL as oil may get on the scraper and on to your work while finishing. Bear down on the burnisher holding it at a slight angle go across the edge with pressure to start rolling the edge, increase the angle for the next two passes. Feel the burr with your thumb, the correct amount of burr is learned by trial and error. This procedure will take practice but once mastered will become automatic.