Chapter 10
The neck is now glued to the top in the image
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The neck is now glued to the top in the image. When gluing the neck make certian that the center line of the top and neck is aligned with the center line of the solera.Prior to glueing the neck to the top, tape a piece of waxed paper to prevent gluing the top/neck joint to the solera.In additon the solera should have a coat of shellac or french polish plus paste wax to protect and provide protection in case of error. After the neck is glued to the top, remove the top/neck assembly,place the side forms on the solera and bolt down. Place the bent sides into the solera with side forms attached,heat up the bending iron and give the sides a final bending ,fitting them as close as possible without forcing to the sides. They will overlap and must be cut at the centerline of the solera,then cut the sides at the neck joint cut them slightly shorter than necessary to achieve a slip fit. The sides of the guitar are not glued to the neck but have a spot of glue or a small wedge glued in the interior to stop buzzing. That it is not glued does not affect the life of the guitar, I have observed 150 year old guitars with this joint not glued and the guitar is in good condition. When sides are fit,remove side forms and remove side form filler block to allow the neck to pass through the side form. Then make three eights inch thick by two inch square shims with a hole in the center fitting loosely the side form bolts ,these blocks are placed between the solera and the side forms to give clearence for the top neck assembly. Now make certian to put waxed paper at the neck side joint and at the end block area,place the top,neck,side assembly on the solera,align all with the solera centerline and clamp in sound hole and weight the top as in images. Now place shims on solera and bolt side forms to the solera.DO NOT GLUE THE SIDES TO THE TOP OR TO THE NECK JOINT.