Chapter 12
Glueing the finger board
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Glueing the finger board,before the actual glueing some preperations must be made.the board is thicknessed to about "or as in your plan. The area from the 12th fret to the sound hole must have the fingerboard fitted to it as the curvature of the top and the neck angle make fitting necessary.After the board is fitted (a twist in the board is of no concern as the clamps will remedy this) next you must take some small brads,mark frets 1 and 12 and clamp the fingerboard with the neck/body join and the 12th fret in alignment the 12th fret being exactly above the joint, and with the center of the fingerboard in line with the center line of the guitar and neck. Drill some holes the size of the brads through the fingerboard at 1 and 12 into the neck, the brads will be used to align the fingerboard to the neck to stop slipping whilst glueing drive the brads into the fingerboard leaving the head a little proud of the top of the board. Once the board is ready gather up your clamps and make a test clamping to make certain all is in good order.CAUTION IF YOU HAVE NOT INSTALLED THE BANDING STOP NOW AND DO IT !!