Chapter 12
Ready to glue fingerboard
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Ready to glue fingerboard, again I repeat have all in readyness warm the neck and fingerboard- IMPORNTANT-wet the side that does not receive glue to counteract the moisture in the glue and stop warping DO NOT WET THE GLUE SIDE. Apply the glue with a natural bristle 1"brush with hair cut short leaving ", dipped in hot water from your glue pot and squeezed out. Make certain the wood is warm,apply glue to fingerboard and neck/top area,line up the brads press fingerboard and nails onto neck and top,clamp quickly,put small clamps to clamp fingerboard end at the sound hole. I like to cut the fingerboard off in advance at the sound hole leaving it a little long for rasping to conforme to the soundhole radius. Go over your clamps and see that they are all squeezing out glue,bring them up tight. Let the glue squeeze out jell a bit and remove it from the edge of the fingerboard/top join using a narrow thin piece of wood,then with a damp warm cloth wipe the area. It is done. Now you must wait at least a week to allow the moisture to leave and the neck and board to settle.