Chapter 12
Plane the fingerboard
Page 3

Plane the fingerboard, you have waited a week and busied yourself with other things and now you are ready to plane the fingerboard. Get a straight edge and plane away any irregularities using a very sharp ,low angle block plane,takeing fine cuts until straight. If your neck set is correct there will be little to plane. Now to compensate for the pull of the strings put a block to support the neck at the area of the nut, press in the middle of the span between the nut and the twelfth fret. Observe using a straight edge how much deflection there is. Next take your fine set plane and plane away from the center point in both directions to achieve a 1/64 crown in center press again using about 10lbs. pressure,repeat until straight. This takes experience so go slow. Finish the board with a scraper and fine sand paper leaving the edges square.There will be a slight crown is the center, this will go away when string tension is applied.