Chapter 12
Finishing the frets
Page 7

Finishing the frets,let everything dry and remove the tape.Get a large fine cut file,when buying the file make sure the file is straight many are warped from the heat treating process. File gently in one direction from the sound hole towards the nut keep moving the file to avoid one area from excessive fileing . When all the fret tops are hit you are done (remember not to file away the crown in the fingerboard).Next file the fret edges uniformly as well as the short frets at the soundhole. Now get a slim taper saw filers file as in image and grind away one of the three edges polish the ground edge until smooth Put some masking tape on the flat opposite the ground edge. File along the long axis of the frets rounding the fret almost to the flat made by the large flat fille and dress the fret edges removing all burrs.Next run a wetstone from soundhole to nut. Then take a piece of fine sandpaper and go over the frets. Finish by wiping with a damp cloth and let dry this produces a satin finish not a slippery one.