Chapter 13
Leveling the back and sides
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Leveling the back and sides is easily done with scrapers and sandpaper. It will be easier if you make holding fixtures so the guitar does not move. When working on the back make a long strip of wood that fits the top as in the image to keep the guitar steady and protect the top/ The height of the strip should be thick enough that the fingerboard and the strip sre on the same plane. Round or chamfer the banding edges so you do not dig into the banding when scraping. Do not use excessive pressure as there is a danger of cracking the back or top. Put a soft cloth under the guitar to protect the guitar. See Chapter 0 for sharpening instructions. After the back and sides are scraped sand with medium to fine sandpaper. Many ancient makers finished the surface with scrapers using little abrasives. If you are allergic scraping will enable you to avoid sanding dust. Remember that the corners of your scrapers must be slightly rounded to avoid digging in.