Chapter 16
Pegs and tools
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Pegs and tools,the ability to make tools gives you the ability to replicate various styles of pegs or to create your own style.In the image is a series of finished guitar and lute pegs the longer being lute pegs,at the left of the finished pegs are peg blanks with saw cuts to mark different contours. Below the pegs are half templates used to guage the peg dimension while turning,above and to the left of the pegs is a cradle for drilling peg holes,next a peg shaper,peg shapers are easy to make,it is like a pencil sharpener ream the holes and cut away to give an area to mount the cutter and enough room for chip the right is a reamer most hardware stores carry these reamers,take a propane torch and heat the end red and put in wood ashes. This will soften the end and allow you to drill the reamer for mounting the handle. Above the reamer handle is a holder for the peg usefull for sawing and conturing the cheeks of the peg,below it is a handle to fit over the peg head for turning the peg while reaming. To the right is a peg holder for french polishing the peg head do not polish the shaft,next is a tool for length cutting and hole drilling. Ebony and rosewood are traditional woods for pegs,but many woods serve the purpose well a few are apple, pear,boxwood a good wood but hard on turning tools,hard maple,cherry almost any hard,hardwood can be used.