Chapter 16
Turning fixture.
Page 8

Turning fixture used against a pattern of plexiglass to create a duplicator. One can turn pegs freehand but this fixture will give better accuracy when turning many pegs. The fixture slides laterally on the ways of the lathe and has a wooden sliding tool rest that is operated by hand as is the sideways motion. Oil the ways and sliding tool rest dovetail. The cutting tool is made of an old metal lathe bit, ground as in the image to cut in both directions. The metal stylus that rides on the template can be made of iron and the tip polished, in order to not wear the plexiglass. Any shape peg for guitars,lutes, violins etc. can be turned using this system as well as many other things. The cutting bit is whetted on the top and given a slight whetting on the side. Hard maple is a good wood to make this fixture out of.