Chapter 17
Tornavoz tools and materials
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Tornavoz tools and materials.At the bottom of the image is a template of the blank used to make the tornavoz,hooks for installing and removing the tornavoz,top and side view of a finished tornavoz,anvil,a board with a hole used to form the lip, burnisher and hammer tools to help turn the edge. Before turning the edge or lip ,layout and drill the insertion and removal holes these holes are slightly above the center of the tornavoz towards the lip,next cut the design. The tool to cut the design is easily made by taking a worn slim taper saw filers three corner file,putting it in a vise with a length the length of your index finger projecting,PUTTING ON SAFETY GLASSES,and hitting the projection with a hammer breaking off a piece the length of your index finger. Grind one end smooth and grind a small chisel on the other end. To cut the design,layout the design,get a block of hardwood,place the little chisel on the area to be cut if it is a triangle you will make three cuts. Make other chisels with different contours to vary the pattern.