Chapter 17
Image of amplification table.
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Recently while discussing the tornavoz and its role in guitar amplification/sound modification with Nimido Sintiago, who was born in the town of Utuado,Puerto Rico. He recalled the use by guitarists of an amplification table upon which the guitarists rested their guitars on, to increase the volume. The table was of special construction four feet wide by six feet long and six inches deep,with a hollow interior, the top was high enough to rest the players guitars on while standing up. The table had four,four inch diameter holes near each corner. Mr. Nimido Santiago observed the table in use circa 1940 it was in a hall used for dances that his parents and others took their children to. One performer that he remembered was Pinin Maldonado who composed many songs one of which was "Bajo las Sombras de un Pino.