Chapter 2
Hide Glue Preperation and use.
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Hide glue is the traditional glue of the luthier. That four hundred year old instruments, are still in use is proof of its durability. Use it with confidence. Practice first on scraps, it has rules you must follow. A warm room to work in or warm the wood, Hide glue - to make-Put three-eighths inch water in bottom of container, fill container three-fourths with glue, add water to cover glue, let stand overnight and cook at 140 degrees, when melted skim off fat, stir and thin to equal 20 w oil at 70 degrees farenheight, stir well pulling from bottom, go to work in a warm room 72 degrees +, warm the wood, move fast, and think ahead have everything ready. You should thin the glue for rosetts , inlays, thin glue can be used for sizing, also before finishing.- Glue is non-toxic.