Chapter 2
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Glue pots, left a hot plate with a pan of water with baby food jar of glue. Use baby food jars as no need to mix a large quantity; I like to have two jars of glue ready when gluing a critical joint like the back or neck that in case of accident I am not out of glue. The water in the cooking pot holds heat and is handy for clean up. Do not heat the glue when not using it, excessive heating weakens it. On the right is a cast iron double boiler glue pot with a porcelain liner- Do not cook glue in iron- Sir Thomas Mace in his book Musiks Monument published 1676 states that glue be heated on a lead pot; the book has a lute repair section with good instructions for glue use and repair. The book has been reprinted in France by Editions Du Centre National De La Reserche Scientifique-13 Quai Antitole- France- Paris (Vlle)..I recommend it highly. In the center is an electric glue pot a great convenience - The eighth wonder of the world!!