Chapter 3
Glueing up the workboard/solera
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Glueing up the workboard/solera ,the workboard is the mother of your determines the dome of the top,the neck angleand provides for the assembly of your guitar. Make the work board of 1"by 8" no. 2 pine. Rip the pine into three pieces with a thin saw blade which will give you strips of pine about 2-1/2" wide by " these rippings will be used to make a laminated solera which is less apt to warp,remember to keep the knots all to one side giving you a relativly clear surface for the top of your solera.Make the lamination 4" wider than the guitar and 6" longer than the total length of the guitar. The extra width and length is to allow for mounting the mould and attaching to the shop wall or work bench. Glue up as in the image using Hide glue or Franklin tite bond glue. Remember to glue up on a flat surface and to put waxed paper or newspaper on the surface you are using to glue the solera. Use a heavy spread and clamp well. CAUTION PUT NO NAILS OR SCREWS IN TO THE SOLERA!! as it has to be surfaced and cut to dimension if you put screws or nails in you risk ruining a saw blade or other tools.