Chapter 3
Side and inner mould
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Side and inner mould,take some pine and glue them up until you have a 3" lamination. The boards are glued flat this lamination should be 4" wider than the length and width of the guitar body. Saw it to the body shape of the guitar as in image,saw notches in the inner mould to allow clearance for clamps. Rasp the inner mould outside edge to give clearance for the side thickness and remove " from the inside edges of the inner mould to allow for wedging. The outer moulds have to be joined with a removable joint on each end ,study the images of the solera,the reason for this is the sides will be fit when the outer moulds are unified,then the neck area will be opened to allow the neck to go through, and when the guitar body is together to separate them to remove the guitar. The outer moulds are bolted to the solera with " carriage bolts and wing nuts see images. The inner moulds are usefull for fitting and cutting the sides to length while in the mould,as a pattern when bending sides etc. Put some shellac and a coat of paste wax to protect moulds and to stop glue from adhering.