Chapter 4
Close up of plane.
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The sole of your plane must be flat, if warped find a flat slab of concrete take the plane iron out put water on the concrete and rub the sole of the plane on the concrete until straight, checking with a carpenters square, make certain the square is straight many newer ones are not, use plenty of water, polish the sole with 400 wet or dry paper and water, dry, rub paraffin wax on the sole. Use paraffin on the sole of wood planes after jointing them most old ones will need jointing. Keep your tools in good order and they will reward you. Do not grind plane irons every time they are sharpened, hone and strop them. Good planes, chisels, whetstones and other tools can be found at flea markets, rummage sales and at auctions at reasonable prices. Spend a little time to clean them up with 400 wet or dry paper and water tune the tool up and it will give you a lifetime of service. When buying make certain that the blade has not been ground too short from years of use , a new sole of hardwood can be glued to wooden planes to renew them. Look for a thick blade as they work better.