Chapter 5
Constructing the neck
Page 11

The length of the neck is determined by the scale length which is the distance between the nut and saddle. A classical guitar has 12 frets to the body join. Always be governed By the scale when laying out the neck length. Get some sheet aluminum From the hardware store and make templates as the image shows. When the neck layout is complete square down the sides and make centerlines down the entire length of the neck (both sides). The slots for the sides will be cut to the guitar side of the twelfth fret. The side slots will have a slight curve To conform to the guitar shape. The long dark object is a straight edge the type that linoleum floor layers use. On it is scratched the scale mark the Twelfth fret to avoid error. The straight edge is an important tool and is Used to check neck straightness, in drawing plans, to draw the center line of the neck and peg head it is flexible, top layout etc.