Chapter 5
Constructing the neck
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Prepared neck and materials needed to glue neck Joint. The twine used for tying/wrapping the neck joint must be rubbed with paraffin to avoid sticking. Six inch wedges will also have to be waxed . These wedges will be forced under the twine to tighten the glue joint. Small notches on opposing sides of the joint are made. Their purpose is stop slipping of the joint while gluing -the twine when gluing is first put in these notches pulling hard on the twine going round and round until done. The sharp tipped wedges are then pushed in while taking care to keep sides of joint etc, aligned. Important. The joint must be warmed, the opposing side of the glue joint must be moistened, the glue spread heavily to avoid starved joint, pull twine tight, use fresh glue of proper consistency, work fast, practice on scrap. If a bad joint is made pull or saw apart re-plane joint and reglue. Take pieces to be glued longer in case of Error.