Chapter 6
Bending the sides
Page 3

Start at the waist. Heat your bending iron to a temprature that will brown a piece of white paper placed upon it. You will place the waist mark at the center of the iron and push with both hands use a rocking motion to help keep the bends smooth. Do not put your hands too far apart as this gives to much leverage and you may break the sides. When the waist fits the pattern turn over the side start at the upper bout and bend to shape . Wet the wood with a rag or sponge as you bend it will make it easier. Do not be concerned if you over bend simply bend it back. Bend as close to your pattern as possible. It is not necessary to put the sides in a form as when you are ready to assemble the guitar you will bend again to correct any distortion wetting with a rag or sponge.