Chapter 7
Glueing herringbone tiles
Page 12

Glueing herringbone tiles, put 10% glycerin in the hide glue as the herring bone has to bend around the curve of the rosette. When you glued up the stack for cutting the herringbone tiles you used and equal number of colored strips, example-7 black and 7 white this will give you black on one end of the tile and white on the other. Glue up the herringbone tiles on a non stick surface a waxed board,strip of delrin plastic etc. Plastic supply houses have trimmings and cut off's that can be purchased at a reasonable price. Note the green blocks in the image these are lead weights that I cast for use in glueing. I stongly recommend that you make these weights ,put a cork face on the bottom, drill finger grips and paint them to prevent lead residue on the hands. These weights are used for glueing fan braces,inlays,back etc. As gravity is always present these weights will never get out of order. I see go bar decks recommended in many publications ,the go bar deck is a clumsy, slow, complicated method of applying pressure. In all things in life get to your desired end result efficiently.