Mokume Gane

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A small kiln was prepared at the charcoal forge to provide a heavy reducing environment in which to work. The charcoal forge was selected as natural charcoal has very few impurities (just like the clear natural spring water used to brew Huber in Monroe WI.)

Sue and Ross Kowalski inspect the billet.

Here the Mokume billet is nearing completion. It looks hot and is hot. The problem with Mokume is that if the billet is not heated slowly enough, the outside melts while the inside has not achieved bonding temperature.

Ross is filing the billet to see if the proccess was successful. In addition, squaring the edges eliminates little cracks where big cracks develop from.

Here is the finished mokume billet. Success, but the fun is only beginning. This .75 inch block of laminated silver and copper needes to be hammered and rolled down to a usable thickness.