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A view of the sawwmill with the dragon house in the background. To the right you can see the bucket of the IH loader. It's a lot easier than handling the logs by hand.

A "back" view of the saw mill showing the red seal motor. The motor has since been weatherized with some tin sheet to keep out the elements and gray paint.

A close up of the log loading hopper with a log ready for the sawing.

A view from the other side of the hopper showing the IH loader.

A view of the blade end of the mill. The wood board going over the blade is for controlling the clutch on the blade. The crawler inter the shed is an oliver.

This is a view of the pullys that operate the mill carriage that moves the log past the blade.

A close-up of the Continental Red Seal motor. Yes, that is a crank handle. Because of tight new rings and the difficulty of starting hot motors, an electric starter has since been fitted.