Michigan Works System

Services offered through Michigan Works! are designed to prepare job seekers for employment and provide skilled applicants to employers. Customers can access services through local Michigan Works! Service Centers.

With a statewide network of more than one-hundred Michigan Works! Service Centers, this demand-driven, locally-responsive System serves over three million customers each year.

A phone call to 1-800-285-WORKS (9675) from anywhere in the state of Michigan will connect the caller to a local Michigan Works! Agency.

Related Links

Below are links to services that we believe our clients and others may benefit from.   We hope these sites will be useful to you.  If you have recommendations for additional reference sites, please let us know.  

Stockbridge Community Education

Located in the Middle School, the Community Education provides a very wide array of class and self-improvement offerings to our community.  They run numerous recreational and educational programs.  Please stop by their office in the Stockbridge Middle School or call (517) 851-8222      Please check out their website— click here

Ingham County Services Page

This link provides a listing of the Services Offices within Ingham County.    For additional information, contact Ingham County at           or via the WEB at: 


Or at their Phone Directory at:


Michigan Social Services       

DHS provides Food Assistance, Child Support, Child Care, Medical Services, Medical and Emergency Services and more.   For additional information, contact Michigan Social Services at 517-373-2035 or via the WEB at: 


To contact us:

Phone: 517-851-7285

Fax: 517-851-7285

E-mail: outreach49285@verizon.net

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