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Area on the Geoboard

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Geoboards are a fun way to learn about area concepts. The geoboards we use in class are 25-pin geoboards. The pins are arranged in five rows of five in a rectangular array. Here is a picture of one:




We can use rubber bands to create various shapes on the geoboard and then explore their areas using various units of measurement.




Let's explore the shape below with a variety of units...

shape one




We can use any kind of area unit, but mathematicians have decided that in plane geometry, and normal measurement, that square units will be used. That means we'll be using different-sized unit squares. Let's begin with a 1x1 unit square...



 one by one unit square

Now let's see what happens if we use a 2x2 unit square...

two by two unit square

Here's one more example, with a 3x3 unit square...

three by three unit square

We've uncovered an important concept here. The size of our shape has never changed, but its area has. It's important to remember that area is a relative concept, dependent on the unit we've chosen to measure with. It's kind of like mass and weight. Our mass never changes, no matter which planet or moon we're on. Our weight changes, however, because it's dependent on the gravitational pull of the planet or moon we happen to be visiting!

For most of the activities in this lesson, the 1x1 square will be considered as the unit square. Don't forget that we can use parts of unit squares, like in the example above, and that areas can be fractions, not just whole numbers! Here's some shapes to have fun with.

 geoboard shapes to explore

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