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My Charlotte Mason Study Notes

"Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life."

"Now, that work which is of most importance to society is the bringing-up and instruction of the children - in the school, certainly, but far more in the home, because it is more than anything else the home influences brought to bear upon the child that determine the character and career of the future man or woman. It is a great thing to be a parent : there is no promotion, no dignity, to compare with it. The parents of but one child may be cherishing what shall prove a blessing to the world. But then, entrusted with such a charge, they are not free to say 'I may do as I will with mine own.' The children are, in truth, to be regarded less as personal property than as public trusts, put into the hands of parents that they may make the very most of them for the good of society. And, this responsibility is not equally divided between the parents : it is upon the mothers of the present that the future of the world depends, in even a greater degree than upon the fathers, because it is the mothers who have the sole direction of the child's early, most impressionable years. This is why we hear so frequently of great men who had good mothers - that is, mothers who brought up their children themselves, and did not make over their gravest duty to indifferent persons." Charlotte Mason, 1893, "Home Education", pages 1 & 2.

Written over one hundred years ago, can the words of this little-known British educator and philosopher have an effect upon our lives today? Does she have anything to say about a new perspective, or at least a different one, a new way to educate our children and live our lives? I am greatly interested in this question. I invite you to follow me as I examine her.

For example, this paragraph, the second in her first book, already raises some questions. Who gave the children to the parents in the first place, and for whom should they be raised? Society? Or God? Charlotte lived during a period of social and religious examination; her terms and her understanding may not be the same as ours. Yet, I will not discard all simply because I disagree with her view that religion will save society. Many good people today hold the same opinion. Instead, I wish to focus upon the influence of home and training, of education upon character, and upon the best method of shaping that influence.

I am involved in several areas of study at once. Check out my notes on Charlotte Mason's 20 Principles HERE.
Lynn B Hocraffer


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