Future Home of The Backyard

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The animals are busy putting Little Bird Brand Bird Seed
in the feeder out back to attract their local Backyard Friends.
Come back soon to see who's eating all the seed!

When we moved into our new home, we also adopted some wild outdoor friends. They are not too friendly, but sure like to eat. We put wild birdseed on our deck to lure them closer into our view. This pair of mourning doves live in one of the trees and come by every day at dawn and dusk to get their fill. Tandy shrieks every time they come. I don't think she enjoys their visits.

Recently, a bold blue jay has been strutting about the deck, joined by a few small brown sparrows and even a mischievious squirrel. The bushy-tailed one is constantly checking up on our apricot tree, waiting for the sweet morsels to blossom and ripen. Maybe we should send Julian out there to guard our tree.