A little about Kwame

Adoption Date: Christmas 1999

Place of Adoption: The Amazon - the, that is.

Tid-Bits: Egocentric and prone to jealousy. Unreasonably competitive, especially when playing his favorite PS2 game: Grand Tourismo 2. He aspires to be a champion race car driver and revels in all the associated grandeur. Tends to wear a smug expression and bully other animals because of his insecurities. When he doesn't get his way, he becomes irate and throws tantrums - usually inflicting bodily harm to others.

Favorite Feature: His amazingly handsome good looks and stunning physique.

Hangs with: Isaiah, because Isaiah is so needy. And Mutant, when Kwame's irate and needs someone to type up his dictated complaints. Also has his 2 girlfriends, Lucille and Lucille.