Hi! I'm Peanut! And some nice people decided to buy me my very own...ummm...URL, and make a website just for me! Welcome! Hope you have fun here!

A little about Peanut

Adoption Date: Summer 1994

Place of Adoption: FAO Schwarz, New York

Tid-Bits: Easy-going and simple. Is afraid of being on the floor and likes to stay up high, where he can survey all the going-ons. He has no wings, and has a hard time moving around. Hiding is one of his pasttimes, however, he thinks that if he can't see you, he's invisible.

Favorite Feature: His white butt. Once the "butt" of a joke about using him as a sponge.

Hangs with: Likes everyone and will hang with whoever will take him somewhere off the floor.