A little about Peckle!

Adoption Date: August 2001

Place of Adoption: Puzzle Zoo

Tid-Bits: Peckle prides himself on his intelligence. He is unusually inquisitive for a small yellow chick. He subscribes to Merriam-Webster's "Word of the Day", likes to shop online and watch TV. He is obsessed with "electronic" money and cleanliness, to the point where he only travels in a travel sack. He has been on numerous local road trips, and also to San Diego and Utah for snowboarding. He can get tempermental and cranky if handled wrong, gets dirty, or misunderstood.

Favorite Feature: His big round head.

Hangs with: Best Friend is Whitney, because she's smart (and she wisely knows how to put up with him).

Peckle's Premonition