Seymour: Retarded Cockatiel

Seymour's Vocabulary List

Here's a list of words and phrases that Seymour knows how to say! In addition, he knows how to sing his Theme Song (to the tune of the Olympic Anthem) and Hail To The Chief!

Hi Seymour.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm Seymour.

I'm just a bird.


baby bird.

baby Sey-bird.

big bird.

Tandy? Tandy?

It's okay.

It's a baby.

Eep Eep! Peckle?

you a good bird?

good boy?

Other Sounds:

Phone tones

Microwave button tones

Microwave "Done" beeping

Running water

Coffee grinder

Kiss sound

Bird food jar when shaken

Bathroom door closing click

(gereral screaming in various octaves)