Fantazsa Events,
Puppy Birthdays & Reunions!

Canadian Reunion
Surrey B.C. - October 2008

2 Generations of Fantazsa Puppies
Left to right: Quayba, Diva, Ailsa, Shadow, Tippet, Chenille & Chai

Holiday 2007

Birthday 2007
3 and 12 years old!

Holiday 2005

Top row, left to right: Diva, Chai & Mushi
Bottom row: Sporty, Tippet & Chenille

April 2005
Fantazsa Puppies 1st & 10th Birthday Party

L-R: Diva, Tippet, Mushi, Sporty, Chai, Mojo, Tanner,
Ailsa, Tasha, Chenille & Shadow

November 2004

Puppy Reunion @ 8 months old

Pups by Ch. Bon's Golden Boy K.O. JH
Fantazsa's Countrysport

L-R, front row: Chenille, Mushi, Tippet, Tasha,Tanner,
Gyro, Chai, Mojo & Diva
Back row: K.O. & Sporty

February 2000

(L-R) Koji, Sporty, Bozeman, Hasta, Kiva, Tippet, Mushi.

February 1997
(L-R) Hasta, Kiva, Bozeman, Tippet, Sporty, Koji & Shadow

February, 1996
7 of Kiva's 10 puppies from her last litter
celebrate their 1st birthday

(Pups by Ch. Surfstone Jaybren Csibesz JH
Ch. Fantazsa's Classic Kivancsi CGC)

(L-R) Kiva, Hasta, Sporty, Rita, Quayba, Tippet, Shadow & Bozeman

X-C skiing with Magenta & Kiva

March 1987
Fang & 3 of her puppies Kiva, Uma & Magenta
celebrating Kiva & Uma's 1st birthday

Kiva & Uma
(Ch Vintage Magnum of Magnifico x Vot Zdorova Fantazija CD)

(Ch Vizsta's Tazz V Exodus x Vot Zdorova Fantazija CD)