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Here's my all-time "Desert Island" EM Discs...I couldn't limit myself to only 10 CDs to take on a deserted island, so I broke it up into 3 major categories.  Obviously a highly subjective and inexact science, my choices might be different next week, next month, or next year - although the classics are pretty well set.  So, for what it's worth:

Electroambient Space Desert Island Discs


Classic Electronic


Ashra “New Age Of Earth”

Edgar Froese “Epsilon in Malaysian Pale”

Edgar Froese “Pinnacles”

Jean-Michel Jarre “Equinoxe”

Jean-Michel Jarre “Magnetic Fields”

Klaus Schulze “Body Love Vol. 2”

Klaus Schulze “Audentity”

Tangerine Dream “Ricochet”

Tangerine Dream “Tangram”

Tangerine Dream “Logos”


Contemporary Electronic


Rudy Adrian “Kinetic Flow: Sequencer Sketches Vol. 1”

Airsculpture “Impossible Geometries”

Apeiron “Twilight People”

Ron Boots “Detachment of Worldly Affairs”

Global Communication “76:14”

Nemesis "Sky Archeology"

Radio Massacre International “Frozen North”

Redshift “Ether”

Spyra “My Little Garden of Sounds”

Under The Dome “The Earth”




Biosphere “Substrata”

Thom Brennan “The Secret Faith of Salamanders”

Jeff Pearce “To The Shores Of Heaven”

Robert Rich “Numena/Geometry”

Steve Roach “Core”

Steve Roach “Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces”

Robert Scott Thompson “The Silent Shore”

Michael Stearns “Planetary Unfolding”

Various Artists "The Ambient Expanse"

Vir Unis & James Johnson "Perimeter"


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