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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Is Electroambient Space a printed magazine or a webzine?


Originally conceived as a printed magazine, Electroambient Space has been a monthly webzine since October 2004. The webzine is currently on hiatus as of August 2010, although new reviews may occasionally be posted.


2.  Does it cost anything to subscribe to the monthly E-Zine?


Nope, it's free. Browse to your heart's content, and come back often!


3.  I'm a musician.  How do I get a CD reviewed in your magazine?


Right now, I am not accepting new promos. I am taking a much-needed break from reviews. If the webzine becomes active again this page will be updated. Thanks for all the support and well wishes!



The questions below applied while the webzine was active, and are being kept for future reference - just in case.  ;-)


4.  Will sending you my music guarantee that it will be reviewed?


If the music is within the narrow range of genres covered by Electroambient Space, every effort will be made to review it on the web page.  If the submitted music is not within the range of genres covered by Electroambient Space, as determined by the editor, it will not be reviewed.  Submitted music is not returned, so if you have a question as to whether your music is suitable for review, please email me and ask.  Thanks!


5.  Will you be accepting advertising on your webpage?


No, not at this time.  I much prefer to focus on the 'zine content rather than marketing.  I do this for the fun of the music. If I find that additional webspace needs to be purchased, I may reconsider this at a future date.


5.  How long will Electroambient Space continue?


As long as I have the desire and energy to do so. The webzine is currently on hiatus as of August 2010.


6.  What if my question wasn't answered here?


Ask away!  Click on the link at the bottom of this page and send me an email.


Questions? Email Phil Derby, editor of Electroambient Space