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Databloem - Intelligent electronica label from the Netherlands headed by Dennis Knopper
dataObscura/Blue Oasis - Once part of Databloem, now its own label from Canda run by Anthony Paul Kerby
DiN - Ian Boddy's label of cutting-edge ambient electronica
Gears of Sand - Experimental ambient label of limited high-quality 50 CDR issues
Groove Unlimited - Probably the best known and most extensive EM label, from Ron Boots and Kees Aerts
Hypnos Recordings - From my hometown Portland, Oregon, first-rate minimal ambient courtesy of Mike Griffin
Manikin Records - Berlin school straight from the source, Germany. Mario Schönwälder's label.
MusicZeit - Not exactly a label, but it is an excellent download-only site, a cooperative effort of DiN and Neu Harmony. Many out-of-print CDs and unique recordings here.
Neu Harmony - Pure Berlin school, nothing but sequencing. David Law knows what he likes.
Space For Music - Wide-ranging label from Tony Gerber (Spacecraft) includes all forms of EM, sometimes with rock or jazz elements blended in.

Other Links of Interest (updated 9/08)
Melliflua - Dene Bebbington's ezine with lots more great reviews of new electronic music.
Klaus Schulze book! - NEW! A book about the life and music of Klaus Schulze is now available through several online retailers. Check it out!

Artist Links
You'd be surprised how often you can just type the artist's name, like www.steveroach.com or www.robertrich.com.  Try it!  Or use a major search engine like Google.


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