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Each yoga posture is a tool for strength, flexibility, energy, relaxation and self-awareness, an opportunity for discovery and play, rather than a goal to be achieved.   While working with "traditional" yoga postures, I offer plenty of alternatives so that the postures work with your individual body rather than trying to fit your body into the posture.  I enjoy spending a little extra time in the postures so that you can really sink into them and explore them.  Working in this way we can begin to understand the yoga postures from the inside out. We let the postures serve us. I start all my classes with a short check in with how we're feeling at the that what we notice can inform how we practice. When we start from this place, the whole practice is meditation.  The teachers I've worked with who most influence how I teach and practice are Erich Schiffmann and Paul Grilley.  My teaching continues to grow and evolve through my own practice and interaction with other teachers, yogi friends, and the amazing people who come to my classes to play.



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