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Featuring Affordable Fuctional Handcrafted Pottery

Pottery lines the walls at Pottery By The Bay

Our Pottery Is
Made On The Beautiful
Southern Oregon Coast
In Charleston, Oregon
Pat Clark, Colleen Curto &
Cindy Meikel

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and come into our store to see what sets us apart.

Pottery By The Bay with Pat, Colleen & Cindy

         Colorful pottery line our shop from floor to ceiling.  Unlike many potters who just use two or three glazes, we have over a dozen clays and over one hundred different glazes to mix and match.  We are unloading our kilns every week.

Every time you drop by you'll notice something new.

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91141 Cape Arago Hwy
PO Box 5878
Charleston, Oregon 97420
Phone: 541-888-3690