Everything is not available at all times. 

For a list of what is currently available check out our What's Currently Available Page.



All varieties of pasta are sold in 8 oz. bags.  Cost is $2.50 a bag. 

We use semolina flour to make our pasta (except for the whole wheat pastas), our flavored pastas are made out of organic vegetable and herbs seasonings and powders.



Rigatoni Pasta

Regular Rigatoni Pasta

Rosemary Garlic Rigatoni Pasta

Garlic Rigatoni Pasta

Beet Rigatoni Pasta

Beet and Kale Rigatoni Pasta

Kale Rigatoni Pasta

Spinach Rigatoni Pasta

Tomato Spinach Rigatoni Pasta

Tomato Rigatoni Pasta

Lemon Pepper Poppy Seed Rigatoni Pasta

Chipotle Rigatoni Pasta

Cajun Rigatoni Pasta

Hot Chipotle Rigatoni Pasta (Special Order)

Chocolate Rigatoni Pasta (Special Order)

Basil Rigatoni Pasta (Special Order, Seasonal)

Whole Wheat Rigatoni Pasta




Fushilli Pasta

Regular Fushilli Pasta

Tomato Fushilli Pasta

Broccoli Sprout Fushilli Pasta

Chipotle Fushilli Pasta


Macaroni Pasta

Regular Macaroni Pasta

Beet Macaroni Pasta

Whole Wheat Macaroni Pasta




Pasta Shells

Regular Pasta Shells

Spinach Pasta Shells

Garlic Pasta Shells

Italian Herb Pasta Shells

Carrot Pasta Shells

Spinach Whole Wheat Pasta Shells


Fettuccini Pasta

Regular Fettuccini Pasta

Italian Herb Fettuccini Pasta

Spinach Fettuccini Pasta

Rosemary Garlic Fettuccini Pasta

Carrot Fettuccini Pasta

Whole Wheat Fettuccini Pasta


Soup Noodles

*All the above Fettuccini Pasta can also be made into Soup Noodles, our soup noodles are the same as the fettuccini they are just cut shorter instead of wrapped into a nest.





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