Alternatives for productivity

MS Office - Spreadsheets, Letter and envelopes, Presentations etc. $$$
OpenOffice - Spreadsheets, Letter and envelopes, Presentations etc -  FREE
OpenOffice can export as PDF, MSOffice alone cannot.

PDF files - any computer can open, with the proper "reader" software. All copies printed, worldwide, will look the same. That can't be said for any other form of text file.

ADOBE PDF-  $$$ - If you need to create forms to be returned, You will then need to pony up $$$ for the Adobe product. OTHERWISE
PDFCreator -  installs as a printer so any program with a print function, even NOTEPAD, can create PDF's.  

ADOBE Reader - used to view PDF's and is necessary for PDF forms that are filled out by you and returned to the sender only. it's free, but it's a large program, consuming a lot of your computers resources with many very rarely used features that are necessary in the "Real world".

Much smaller, "Lightweight" programs can display 99.999% of the PDF's that you are going to encounter. I use FOXIT on my newer machines, or let the Google Chrome browser open them natively. On my windows 98 machine, which still works like new, I use an older version of SumatraPDF
Both are  

"Newer isn't always better"  Occasionally, updating a software program causes it to not work as well. Now what to do?  Get your old program back at

Web Page Authoring

Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Free Version)

Google Web Designer