Users of
Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird:

Spam can be a load on your email box and, most importantly, your time.

If you no longer wish to receive emails promoting new products or services from merchants that you've done business with, log into your account with them and OPT-OUT of further promotional emails. They will still send purchase confirmations and such.

If you are receiving true SPAM, Unsolicited emails, DO NOT click on the OPT OUT link in the email. All you've done then is confirm that your email address is active. Expect MORE SPAM.

The thing to do is install a spam filter.

If you have  POP email account - POP (Post Office Protocol) email accounts are usually the email address you use from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). I.E>

Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo Mail are online services, not POP.

SPAMFIGHTER is free for Home use .(inserts I use Spamfighter Free in all your outgoing emails) You can pay for it and the insertion disappears.

MailWasher It actually checks your email while still in the box, and removes them there, before downloading to your computer.
The free version of the program will protect one POP email account. If you manage multiple email accounts or use a different type of account, you can buy the Pro version. ($).

If you have a webpage. do not have clickable email links, UNLESS they are encrypted.
Un-encrypted email addresses are harvested by unscrupulous persons and the email box begins to fill with SPAM. Encrypting an email address will usually stop this.

Here is an unencrypted email link
Click this LINK to see the spam it gets

You can encrypt your email links with online tools and put the code in your pages.
Click on Code View, or similar, in your webpage editor.
I have "contact me" links on many pages. All encrypted using the tools linked to below, and enjoy a spam free email box.

Online tools can be found HERE and HERE and HERE
If your page has more than one email address, use one from each
(unless you are able to modify the code.
The last one will work, without modification, on all the email links on a page)

Fill out the subject line with individual identifying comment so you know from what page the email is generated. This lets you know where your visitors questions or comments originate.
This can also alert you to an encrypted email link that failed its purpose.